Take Note IT

Ina Venter

Advisory Board Member

Skills and Experience


Ina contributes significantly to Take Note IT’s strategic direction and implementation, business management, systems, and enterprise development. She has a B Sc (Eco) and HED, IT, and Management certifications, and is a Certified Associate Business Coach (Edge growth) Ina has a significant number of years of experience in the IT Industry, as a trainer, lecturer, software development, and business and systems analyst – which has inspired her to become the founder and CEO of ITMaster a company that delivers IT-related services to its clients.


Her career has progressed from being the Founder and CEO of her business to passionately serving and driving the growth and success of leaders and entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship. Throughout her career, Ina has been involved in the development of IT strategies for large government departments focusing on enabling departments through technology in delivering a better service.


Her role in assisting government departments extended into Tourism development and marketing strategies within the Limpopo province in association with the University of North |West.

Ina’s business expertise was further enhanced by being involved in businesses in the fuel industry, restaurant business, and the development of wildlife estates Ina’s strategic and mentorship capabilities have resulted in her greatest achievement – the development of an Enterprise and Supplier development program, coaching more than 20 companies on Entrepreneurship, strategy direction, and business performance management and scaling. Ina aims to contribute to the creation of jobs and to ensure that companies are financially sustainable.


Current External Appointments


Founder, Board Member & Director (Previously CEO): ITMaster Coaching and Consulting: Associate Coach 10x-e Entrepreneur Edge Growth Advisory Board – Take Note IT Founder, CEO and Director – Oshana-SA Business Consultants

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