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Our passion and commitment to Youth development and job creation informed by the scarcity of skills initiated the Cybersecurity training and development academy.

In her quest to build the future leaders of tomorrow and contribute to the social issues of Unemployment and Job Creation in South Africa, Mamela Luthuli the CEO is championing Take Note’s Cybersecurity center of excellence by training young people straight from schools, colleges, and universities and equipping them with the skills required for work opportunities within Take Note IT and its associated companies internationally. This is critical given the estimated 400 million vacancies in cybersecurity worldwide.


Mamela has been an entrepreneur her whole life, having started several informal ventures since the age of 14, to now being at the helm of one of the few black, female-led cyber security and IoT firms in South Africa.


Through her work, she leads TakeNote to focus relentlessly to realise the purpose of “giving back” and change the narrative for all women, for women that are marginalized and disadvantaged, and the narrative for the young leaders of tomorrow.


The training programmed provides an interactive, self-paced cyber security training platform that offers 650+ training modules. These include virtual labs, hands-on challenges and simulated exercises to develop practical cybersecurity skills and allow leaders to deliver a continuous cybersecurity training program. Skill focused pathways mixed with an interactive gaming engine and a virtual teaching assistant support to deliver top quality cyber labs. Reporting dashboards allow visibility to team performance and progress.

Course Library

A course library of training content, subjects, and objectives mapped to the categories, specialty areas, work roles, and competencies defined in the NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework

Training Types

A variety of training types included but not limited to interactive modules, practical labs with real-world training environments, knowledge checks, and gamification and any other type of interactive content.


Training delivery that allows for completion at self-pace. (Note: Live instructor-led training is not required). The platform allows for pausing and returning to training progress.

Training Platform

A training platform that allows administrators to access the platform and assign content as needed.


Training content that is continuously available in an accessible online platform 24 hours per day / 7 days a week.


Access to Takenote Issued micro-certificates based on completed exercises, labs, modules and time spent on the platform


Through the academy, we have trained and employed 20 people in the last year. Our plan through partnerships in both the public and private sectors is to train approximately 120 students a year and create a pipeline for employment into available positions in the sector.


“Our youth is the heartbeat of our nation. They are the future leaders of this country who won’t want to be led, who want to be given a chance. We have a responsibility to invest in our next generation of leaders for economic sustainability and growth and for a brighter future for all”


Mamela Luthuli

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